Biomass Energy

Biomass based power generation: The Indian context

Many biomass based power plants have been set up across India. But they are facing issues of high agri-residue prices and shortage of biomass. We are working with 3 biomass based power plants to establish raw material linkages - agri-residue and woody biomass grown on wastelands.

Energy crops on wastelands :

We have been working with a "biomass to electricity" company in Bihar to utilise large tracts of low lying land which is water logged for most parts of the year.

Energy crops & trees on Semi-arid land with seasonal availability of water-


We have developed a model wherein :

  • We use suitable plants and trees to grow in semi- arid regions and in saline soils not suitable for crops/ regular trees
  • Utilise methods and plants which utilise moisture from rainfall and grow rapidly and at same time reduce evaporation
  • Conserve water through physical and bio techniques
  • Over time the land becomes suitable for agriculture as well