What we do

Naavi Welfare Foundation is a not-for-profit company (section 25 company) started in 2014 with the objective to put up projects with high social impact. The founders Aarti Shrestha and Ranjan Kumar have decades of hands on experience in the development sector.

Areas of operation:
1. Implement high impact projects in rural and urban areas:
Rural : Educating girls, Family Health, Village electrification, development of micro enterprises, water management and forestation. We adopt villages and develop a holistic program covering these aspects of development as many of the development objectives are interlinked.
Urban : Rain water harvesting, sustainable transport through use of bi-cycles.
2. We also partner with other social enterprises to scale up project operations and replication. We provide strategic & tactical planning, raising resources and networking with relevant people/ stake holders. If you are a social enterprise do get in touch with us with project details.
3. CSR advisory to Corporates : We help companies to channelise spending on CSR activities in a targeted manner - to the right projects with proper execution. We believe that if CSR is undertaken by companies the right way it could bring greater development than Government projects.

Projects being executed:
1. We have taken up several projects in Dhadgaon in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra
a. Village electrification project at Dhadgaon
We are putting up a hybrid RE project of 100 KW consisting of biomass gasifier and solar generating sources. It will provide electricity to more than 5,000 people (more than 1,000 households) and small businesses through a mini grid.

For biomass gasifier we have tied up with award winning Saran Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. to set up the biomass plant, the grid network and also run the gasifier based power plant.

We will subsequently set up the solar panels and integrate it to the mini grid.

For the first phase of the project, we have raised about Rs. 32 lacs for the project. We require Rs. 12 lacs more to set up the project. We are reaching out to individuals, corporates for raising the balance amount of Rs. 12 lacs. Please let us know if you want to know more about the project and we will get in touch with you.
b. Skill development
c. Water management

2. Wasteland reclamation/ Forestation of wastelands

In collaboration with Saran Renewable Energy, Bihar we have developed and are implementing innovative technologies to tackle recurring floods in Bihar and at the same time provide sustainable livelihoods and food. The solution uses natural methods (like bio drainage, bio strengthening of run-off tanks and embankments, etc), is low cost and most importantly income generating.
The technology employs three methods to manage excess water:
A. Natural drawing of ground water to lower water table to absorb excess rainfall B. Low lying areas as detention basins C. Storage tanks near river embankments.

3. Skill development

4. Watershed management

5. Environmental friendly heating technology for micro-industries

Mumbai Office:

Mrs. Aarti Shrestha,
Director, Naavi Welfare Foundation
12th Floor, Mastermind V,
Royal Palms, Goregaon(E),
Mumbai - 400 065



Focus Areas:

Our focus sectors:
Climate change - Renewable Energy
Water conservation
Skill Development
Advanced Agriculture/ Hortculture

We are looking for volunteers who can help the social enterprises refine their business models, scale up and assist in interaction with various stakeholders like the Government, financiers, etc.
Currently we are looking for volunteers for the following projects:

1. Rural electrification project at Dhadgaon in Nandurbar district.
Volunteers would have to travel to Dhadgaon (which is about 350kms from Mumbai and takes about 5 hours to reach) and interact with villagers and help with setting up of the off grid power plant. They will get first hand experience in how technology can lead to development and improve the standard of living in rural areas.

2. Helping artisans to sell their products online

3. Forestation of wastelands in and around Mumbai